Drug Checking, Made Simple


We are happy to provide a wide range of drug testing strips and kits available for pick up in person or shipped with anonymous options available (shipping charges are extra and contact us for a shipping quote). For more information on using kits and safety information please visit Dance Safe for more details. Contact us at contact@madesimplemedical.com or call (864) 363 4387.





10 milligram scoops and baggies (10 each)
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These static-free, polypropylene micro scoops are a convenient way to measure out approximately 10 mg of crushed powder when you do not have a milligram scale.

A level scoopful (not rounded) is almost exactly 10 mg for all the drugs we’ve tested, including meth, cocaine, MDMA, ketamine, and others.

IMPORTANT! Without a milligram scale, a micro scoop is necessary when using fentanyl test strips.


Baggies are resealable, the peel and fold adhesive allows for easy reopening and closing.