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We are happy to provide a wide range of drug testing strips and kits available for pick up in person or shipped with anonymous options available (shipping charges are extra and contact us for a shipping quote). For more information on using kits and safety information please visit Dance Safe for more details. Contact us at contact@madesimplemedical.com or call (864) 363 4387.





Amphetamine Test Strips (10)
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Amphetamines are a class of drugs including meth, MDMA, amphetamine itself, and many more. These strips can help you determine whether a substance in the amphetamine class is in your drugs.


How to use

Dilute 10 mg of powder into a teaspoon of water (5 ml), then follow the instructions as you would for our fentanyl test strips.


Many drugs, like MDA and MDMA, are in the amphetamine class and can produce positive test results with these strips. For this reason, you should only use amphetamine strips to test non-amphetamine drugs (like cocaine) for the presence of unwanted amphetamines.