Drug Checking, Made Simple


We are happy to provide a wide range of drug testing strips and kits available for pick up in person or shipped with anonymous options available (shipping charges are extra and contact us for a shipping quote). For more information on using kits and safety information please visit Dance Safe for more details. Contact us at contact@madesimplemedical.com or call (864) 363 4387.





Fentanyl Test Strips (10)
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Dance Safe's new, improved fentanyl test strips can quickly and reliably detect the presence of fentanyl and most of its known analogs in a drug sample. Unlike other strips on the market, they do not produce false positives with meth, MDMA, or cocaine.

• Comes with one free instruction sheet. You can buy more here.

• Requires proper measurement and dilution. Consider also getting some 10 mg micro scoops and baggies.

CAUTION: Not all fentanyl test strips work the same

DanceSafe fentanyl test strips have been laboratory-assessed to work for harm reduction purposes, as opposed to just urine testing. Most other strips have never been assessed at the concentrations needed for drug checking, and some have been shown to produce false positives at the these concentrations.

Additionally, some brands of fentanyl test strips may not be manufactured the same way every time. They may contain different antibodies and come from different manufacturers, which means there’s no way to know how to use them correctly to avoid false positives and false negatives.