Palliative / End of Life Care, Made Simple


Palliative and end of life care is meant for patients who are suffering from chronic diseases that are leading to signficant decreases in quality of life and are often terminal in nature. The philosophy of palliative and end of life care is meant to improve quality of life instead of focusing only on extending life and longevity and our doctors aim to try to find a personalized treatment plan that can help balance both quality of life and longevity based on individual and family preferences and disease processes at hand. Although it has some similarities, this type of care differs from hospice care in that life extending measures are not necessarily withheld, but are instead discussed more in depth to determine what long term treatment goals would be appropriate and can be seen as a kind of transition or intermediate point between regular complete care for longevity and hospice care. It is best suited for patients who have shorter than average life expectancy (normally less than 10 years at our clinic) and / or patients whose chronic illnesses cause significant decreases in quality of life, to the point where it would be worth considering sacrificing longevity for improvement in quality. If you have questions about whether your health concerns would be appropriate for this type of visit please contact us. Single visits are not appropriate for chronic management of diseases and will not create a doctor-patient relationship that extends beyond the duration of that visit, but if you have chronic illness that needs continued managment consider joining the clinic as a Member for free visits covered by a monthly fee. 


Single Consultation Visits

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15 Minute Visit - $49

Perfect for simple issues like discussing more about palliative care and if it would be appropriate or simple questions regarding care and management of patients who may benefit from palliative care.  


30 Minute Visit - $89

Made for a slightly more in depth discussion of issues and can delve more into some specifics of an individual's care and discussing possible options in terms of management and treatment. 


1 Hour Visit - $149

This visit is meant for in depth or more complicated issues that may involve a complicated history and physical. Also a good visit to discuss plans of care and palliative care with friends or family to help clarify goals of care and individual needs. 


Full Membership - $99 per Month if accepted

With full membership you pay nothing for visits and can have multiple visits per month if needed. This also allows the doctor to take over as your full palliative care management if you are accepted and will also give you access to phone visits, televisits, indirect text access to care and refills without needing visits. There is no long term commitment and you can terminate membership at any time without reason. Please be advised that acceptance for membership is at the physician's discretion and you can also be terminated from membership with 30 days notice without reason or immediately for inappropriate conduct. Membership requires a credit or debit card on file to be automatically billed and open or unpaid invoices will lead to an immediate pause of services until they are paid in full. 


Please note that we do not accept insurance or fill out insurance paperwork / prior authorizations. If you need us to fill out paperwork or complete prior authorizations you will be billed at the above rates regardless of membership status.