Medication Assisted Treatment / Suboxone Therapy, Made Simple


Our MAT program is made for those who are starting or continuing their ongoing treatment for opiate addiction. Patients will be evaluated to determine if MAT with buprenorphine derived medications (i.e. suboxone) is appropriate. Acceptance and services may be limited based on provider expertise or comfort. If you have questions about whether your health concerns would be appropriate for this type of visit contact us. Single visits are not appropriate for chronic management of diseases and will not mean that the doctor seeing you is your primary care physician, but if you have chronic illness that needs continued management consider joining the clinic as a Member for free visits covered by a monthly fee. 


Full Membership Cost - $250 per Month if accepted

With full membership you pay nothing for visits and can have multiple visits per month if needed, which is especially helpful when initiating care. There is no long term commitment and you can terminate membership at any time without reason. Please be advised that acceptance for membership is at the physician's discretion and you can also be terminated from membership with 30 days notice without reason or immediately for inappropriate conduct. Membership requires a credit or debit card on file to be automatically billed and open or unpaid invoices will lead to an immediate pause of services until they are paid in full. Membership does not include the cost of drug screening or other testing that may be required for continued membership. 


Please note that we do not accept insurance or fill out insurance paperwork / prior authorizations. If you need us to fill out paperwork or complete prior authorizations you will be billed at the above rates regardless of membership status.