Made Simple Medical's Medical Records Policy


If a referral is made by one of our providers to another provider and medical records are required we will provide them free of charge. Otherwise any medical records requested will have a $25 service charge, along with a $0.65 charge per page for the first thirty pages of records and a $0.50 charge per page for any pages beyond 30. Payment needs to be made in full, without the option for a refund before records are released. Please fax records requests to (833) 642 0679 or call / text (864) 363 4387. Patient consent is required for all records requests, unless otherwise allowed by law. Consent may not be required in the case of emergent need and/or when the provider believes it will be in the patient's best interest and/or as otherwise allowed by law. Made Simple Medical may deny medical records requests as allowed by law standards, of professional practice, and/or ethical reasons.