Made Simple Medical's Retun Policy


We do not give returns under any circumstances and any payments should be considered final and completely non refundable. All services are done as prepaid in full, and a payment is a commitment to a future service, usually with an associated time and date. Due to this a provider's time and/or materials may be either consumed, reserved or lost and due to this we have a very strict policy against returns for ANY rendered payments regardless of the circumstance. This includes, but is not limited to, services paid for but cancelled before completion, partially rendered services, cancelled or "no show" reservations, issues with quality of service provided, or not using services despite paying for memberships. If services are changed after being paid for it is up to Made Simple Medical to determine if credit can be transferred to a new or different service at its discretion and can refuse to apply or transfer credits to other services without needing to give a reason. Any exceptions to this policy should not be taken as precident or as a negation of any part of this policy as exceptions are only given on a particular case by case basis and are done at Made Simple Medical's sole discretion and a prior exception does not mean a future exception will be made even in the case of events with exactly the same circumstances.