About Third Party Providers


Made Simple Medical almost exclusively uses Independant Contractors to provide medical and ancillary services to patients. Due to this Made Simple Medical acts as an intermediary that handles billing, scheduling and other business aspects on behalf of these third parties, but they are considered separate entities and the services provided are not considered to be provided by Made Simple Medical, although bills and services may be rendered under the name of Made Simple Medical this is not an indication that Made Simple Medical is the one ultimately providing these services or has liability for these services as it is done for simplicity's sake and to lower the costs for third parties to be able to provide care more easily and efficiently. These Independant Contractors use their own clinical judgement and make decisions that are outside the scope of Made Simple Medical's business practices and expertise and Made Simple Medical does not have control over these decisions and does not assume liability for actions of third party providers and independant contractors. If there is a complaint or concern about a provider please contact us to discuss as we do have a commitment to excellent and appropriate care by our professionals and will potentially terminate an Independant Contractor agreement if they significantly and inappropriately deviate from the standard of care of thier profession, but Made Simple Medical does not have the expertise covered by these Independant Contractors and need to be actively made aware by you of any problems, unprofessional conduct, or other concerns so that we may investigate and remedy them as we see fit. All of our Independant Contractors are required to have appropriate malpractice and/or general liability insurance as appropriate.